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Uncategorized | 25 Jan 2012

Marketing in Pictures: Social Media Cheat Sheet

This handy cheat sheet will help you decide on which social media platform to concentrate your efforts depending on the final result you want to achieve. Source: Social Media Cheat Sheet by Drew McLellan

Uncategorized | 25 Jan 2012

Some Helpful Twitter Resources

137 Twitter Tips: How Small Businesses Get The Most From Twitter: A variety of tips from the readers of Small Business Trends. Twitter Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions: This great resource  by Mashable covers the basics as well as more advanced topics. The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing: Great guide containing links […]

Uncategorized | 20 Jan 2012

Practical Tools for Social Media Success

Here are some free resources to get you started on your social media journey. Sample Social Media Tactical Plan by Marketo: This sample plan’s main objectives are increasing traffic to your website and converting anonymous traffic to known visitors.  It includes short-term objectives and key metrics for a variety of social media platforms. Practical Social […]

Uncategorized | 19 Jan 2012

Marketing in Pictures: The Top Reasons People Follow Brands

This infographic can be helpful in determining your social media strategy. Source: Infographic: What Makes People Want to Follow a Brand? by Get Satisfaction.

Uncategorized | 18 Jan 2012

Marketing in Pictures: Facebook

It’s important to know the key Facebook metrics and distinguish between them. Source: Insider’s Guide To Facebook Pages by Clickable

Uncategorized | 18 Jan 2012

Marketing in Pictures: Evolution from Funnel to Loop

Everyone is familiar with the old-school sales funnel. Thanks to social media, it’s being transformed into a self-perpetuating viral loop. Source: Best practices for measuring and optimizing the business impact of the Facebook Like button by Adobe Online Marketing Suite

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