Creative | 25 Mar 2014

No Routine, No Inspiration

I’ve recently read a very insightful book – Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey. The book details the routines of famous writers, poets, composers, painters and architects.

While it’s important to establish a solid schedule that helps you be productive (the whole “Inspiration must find you working” thing apparently works!), it’s also important to figure out what makes you tick – caffeine, sugar, alcohol or drugs. The staggering amount of stimulants consumed by creatives described in the book is quite impressive!

Everyone has a different process – some better process idea while walking, while others write better while standing. Some creatives engage in completely bizarre behaviors. It’s surprising that their muses don’t flat out refuse to visit them on regular basis!

Even at age eighty-five, Frank Lloyd Wright could still make love to his wife two or three times a day.

Tesla would mentally calculate the cubic contents of his food before eating, a strange compulsion he had developed in his childhood and without which he could never enjoy his food.

Friedrich Schiller kept a drawer full of rotting apples in his workroom; he said that he needed their decaying smell in order to feel the urge to write.

Einstein wore his hair long to avoid visits to the barber and eschewed socks and suspenders, which he considered unnecessary.

George Simeon had sex every day and every few months indulged in a frenzied orgy of work. He estimated that he bedded ten thousand women in this life. (His second wife disagreed, putting the total closer to twelve hundred.)

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