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Marilyn Monroe: Poems

I find Marilyn Monroe endlessly fascinating. I cannot relate to her or most of the characters she played in any way. I think that’s the biggest reason for my curiosity.  She is beautiful and somehow that makes her story that much more tragic. And she opens up about it in her poetry.

Marilyn Monroe at the time she filed for divorce from Joe DiMaggio, Beverly Hills, October 1954. (George Silk—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images. Not published in LIFE.)

*   *   *

I guess I have always been
deeply terrified at to really be someone’s
since I know from life
one cannot love another,
ever, really


*   *   *

the pain of his longing when he looks
at another-
like an unfulfillment since the day
he was born.

And I in merciless pain
and with his pain of Longing-
when he looks at and loves another
like an unfulfillment of since the day
he was born-
we must endure
I more sadly because I can feel no joy


*   *   *

my love sleeps beside me-
in the faint light-I see his manly jaw
give away-and the mouth of his
boyhood returns
with a softness softer
its sensitiveness that trembling
in stillness
his eye must have look out
wondrously from the cave of the little
boy-when the things he did not understand-
he forgot
but will he look like this when he is dead
oh unbearable fact inevitable
yet sooner would I rather his love die
than/or him?

Source: Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters

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