Humor &Musings | 18 May 2016

If You Want To Make God Laugh, Tell Him About Your Plans

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” is the funniest job interview question you can be asked. The funniest and the hardest to answer. The correct answer (and believe me, there are right and wrong answers here) is “Right here, with this company, doing the job we are discussing right now.” If you are a half-decent human being and prefer not to blatantly lie in job interviews, the answer to this question is “It depends”.

And it depends on a lot of things. Things that are outside of your control. It depends on the company and how they treat you, and on the person you are talking to right now. And that just for starters. It depends on your family, friends, neighbors. It also depends on who gets elected as the next President of the United States and where our economy goes. And many other things. What I am saying is that in order to know where any of us would be in 5 years, we need to be able to control our futures. And if that was the case, we would be living in an entirely different world.


Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised. ~ Denis Waitley


But, anyway…Can you calculate probability of every possibility in your life for the next 5 years, and answer this question already?

That is why it is so funny. Because they tell us not to lie in job interviews, but how can we honestly answer questions they ask us? The reality of the situation looks a lot like the New Yorker cartoon below, but don’t tell that to your interviewer or you will never get the job.


New Yorker Cartoon

“In five years, I see myself with the same job title, about the same salary, and significantly more responsibilities.”

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