Humor &Personal | 04 Jan 2016

Here is to the Young and Stupid

Image courtesy of Conde Nast Collection


When I was 18, I knew exactly how I was going to live my life. My mind was made up on all the important issues, and I knew the right answers to all the life questions.

It’s easy to admit you are no longer stupid. It’s harder to admit you are no longer young. But it’s even harder to figure out why life experience makes each important decision so much harder to make, and why all this knowledge acquired along the way complicates things instead of making them easier.

Aristotle with his “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know” was absolutely right. I bet he came up with this nugget of wisdom when he was still young and stupid.

So here is to being old and wise while being sure of yourself like you are still young and stupid.

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