Management &Reading List | 07 Apr 2017

Drop This Book and Run

Drop the Ball

I cannot NOT recommend this book enough. Drop it and run. Never look back.
To be honest, I DID finis this book. But after the quote below, I stopped reading and started skimming.

If women truly want men to step up at home, we have to start seeing them not as dumb, useless, or selfish, but as intelligent, capable, and generous agents of change in our lives.

I just keep thinking — if your husband is dumb, useless, or selfish, why are you married to him? If you see him that way, why is he married to you?

Want to be a strong, successful woman, who has it all? Go ahead. More power to you! But it’s important to remember that feminism is not a tool to belittle men. Feminism is not a stick to beat other women with.

As for us needing a Drop the Ball movement…Well, it’s a great idea, but it will take more than a book. Sheryl Sandberg wanted to start Lean In revolution, and four years later women are not better off.

This book tries to break the cultural expectation that women do the majority of housework, but places another expectation on them – to be successful as a leader in the their career outside of home. How about we allow women to make their own choices? Isn’t it what we want in the end?

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