Creative &Work | 19 Feb 2014

Doodle / Sketch / Create

So now they are telling me that doodling in business meetings is perfectly acceptable and even productive. Time to get a new sketch pad and sharpen my pencil because I am going to sketch the heck out of that CRM project that I was just put in charge of.

Here is some advice for you on sketching wisdom and how to channel it.

This article gives advice on why you should be sketching, how you should be sketching and what tools you should be using while sketching.

This article gives advise on how to get sketching:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Link your thoughts.
  3. Get everyone sketching.

And, finally, here is a graphic representation of different types of doodles and explanation how each can be useful at work.

Via Bloomberg Businessweek

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