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Poetry | 02 May 2017

Men and Women

I think this poem is a good advice for girls/women as well, since it doesn’t just describe things that have to do with masculinity, but deals with things that have to do with being a decent human being. So ignore the second part of the last line, and read on. If by Rudyard Kipling If […]

Poetry | 27 Apr 2016

Just a Couple of Lines

Some poems speak to you. You can relate to every word and every line. Maybe you went through the feelings and experiences described yourself or somebody close to you had. With other poems, you are happily reading along, and a couple of lines just stops you dead in your tracks. You have to pause and […]

Poetry | 21 Mar 2016

World Poetry Day

I used to post poetry here from time to time, but stopped for some reason. Today is World Poetry Day, so it’s a good day to start doing it again. Poetry can be beautiful as well as useful. Here is a great example of that – If Thou Of Fortune Be Bereft by John Greenleaf […]

Personal &Poetry | 08 Nov 2013

Marilyn Monroe: Poems

I find Marilyn Monroe endlessly fascinating. I cannot relate to her or most of the characters she played in any way. I think that’s the biggest reason for my curiosity.  She is beautiful and somehow that makes her story that much more tragic. And she opens up about it in her poetry. *   *   * I […]