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Humor &Personal | 19 Apr 2017

Jeopardy! and Exercise

These days I have a stand-in appointment with treadmill and Jeopardy! most nights of the week. Killing two birds with one stone by exercising my body and my mind at the same time. How very efficient of me! Even if I don’t know all the answers, I still have fun. Alex Trebek, of course, is […]

Humor &Personal | 04 Jan 2016

Here is to the Young and Stupid

  When I was 18, I knew exactly how I was going to live my life. My mind was made up on all the important issues, and I knew the right answers to all the life questions. It’s easy to admit you are no longer stupid. It’s harder to admit you are no longer young. […]

Personal | 28 Sep 2014

Which Myers-Briggs Personality Type Are You?

Sometimes it is important to take an inventory of who you are, so when somebody asks you in a job interview “Tell me about yourself” you have a solid answer. Why people are not satisfied with “I am truly fantastic and an honor to work with!” as an answer is beyond me! According to Myers-Briggs […]

Personal | 21 Sep 2014

On Madame Bovary and Dangers of Being Content

Someone told me that this book is a good reminder to be content with what you have. Madame Bovary was not happy with a simple family life and love of a country doctor, and in pursuit of luxury and passion ruined not only her own life, but also the lives of her husband and daughter. […]

Personal | 02 Sep 2014


I still can’t believe the summer is over. So I am looking at some poppies to cheer me up. Here are some summer colors to warm you up! Another sure way to cheer yourself up is to add some poppies to your wardrobe… Poppy Flower Infinity Scarf | Turquoise Poppy Flower Fabric Pin | Poppy […]

Personal | 15 Aug 2014

Visually Appealing

In a recent job interview, I was asked what visual artists and fashion publications I admire. To be honest, I drew a complete blank. In part, because being a visual person who enjoys color and beauty, it’s hard to make a definitive list of things I like. Not only does my taste constantly evolve in […]

Personal | 11 Aug 2014

Llamas in Oregon

Oregon residents own one-fourth of the country’s total llama population. I had no idea there are so many llamas in Oregon! Gotta love it! Learn more fascinating facts about Oregon here. I’ve also got more adorable llama pictures for you on my Pinterest board.

Creative &Marketing &Personal &Work | 10 Aug 2014

The Many Marketing Skills of Elena Wellard

● Strategic Planning and Execution ● Brand Messaging/Brand Recognition ● ● Employee Management and Supervision ● New Product Development ● ● Product & Marketing Management ● Project Management ● ● Market Research/Competitive Intelligence/Customer Insights ● SEO/SEM ● ● Social Media Marketing ● Inbound Marketing ● Partner/Affiliate Marketing ● ● Trade Show Management ● Excellent Leadership […]

Creative &Marketing &Personal | 01 Aug 2014

Graphic Resume for Elena Wellard, MBA

As you know, I am currently looking for a marketing manager employment opportunity in Portland, OR. This time around, I am trying to have some fun with the process by taking a creative approach. Since I love infographics so much, I took a stub at creating a graphic resume for myself. Isn’t it fun? Do […]

Personal | 12 Feb 2014

Google Love

I love Google. Thanks to Google instead of just pretending to be a know-it-all, I can actually know it all. I also like that despite Google trying to take over the world, they have fun while doing so. And they make it fun for us too. To prove my point, here is a list of […]

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