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Maps | 11 Jul 2014

Timelapse Map of How the Internet Took Over The World

Maps | 05 Jun 2014

The Parts of the U.S. Where Nobody Lives

Who would’ve thought that there are still parts of the US where nobody lives? Well, there are still plenty of places like that. Looking to get a way from people for a while? Here is the map to help you do that! Via Nik Freeman

Maps | 21 May 2014

Learn Something New Today!

This hybrid of a map and Periodic Table of Elements provides a fun visual way to learn about a country of discovery of all the elements. Hope it helps you learn something new! Via Jamie Gallagher

Maps | 06 May 2014

Tangram Map of the World

This map is abstract and beautiful, offering a chance to look at the world differently. Enjoy!

Maps | 25 Apr 2014

Beer as Seen Through Maps

Yes, I am still educating myself on the subject of beer. Something tells me there is a lot of research ahead of me. I still have tons of questions that can be answered only by drinking gallons of beer. However, maps below answer some (but not all) of the important beer questions. How much beer […]

Maps | 20 Mar 2014

Timeline of Marriage Equality

What can be better than GIF map? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing!

Maps | 11 Mar 2014

Map Illustrating Difference between Solar Time and Standard Time (In Hours)

Maps &Personal | 29 Jan 2014

Map: Anti-Vaccination Movement

This maps shows measles outbreaks (red) worldwide and whooping cough (green) in the U.S., thanks in part to the anti-vaccination movement. Vaccine preventable outbreaks are real! Vaccinate your kids!

Maps &Personal | 14 Jan 2014

Where and How We Live

After I published this post, I found an even better map. This one shows density of population as well as level of income. The income information is skewed -  income of $12,196 is considered high. For people living in the USA that doesn’t seem high at all.

Maps &Personal | 06 Jan 2014

Where Humans Live

For all you  map lovers out there, here is a map showing world population density. The darker the color, the denser the population. It really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? (Click the image for high resolution version of the image.) Source: Maps on the Web

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