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Management &Reading List | 07 Apr 2017

Drop This Book and Run

I cannot NOT recommend this book enough. Drop it and run. Never look back. To be honest, I DID finis this book. But after the quote below, I stopped reading and started skimming. If women truly want men to step up at home, we have to start seeing them not as dumb, useless, or selfish, […]

Management &Work | 19 Nov 2013

Manager vs. Leader

A lot has been said and written on distinction between management and leadership. Not all managers are leaders, and not all leaders are managers. However, companies find that in order to have an advantage in today’s competitive environment, their most successful and effective employees should combine qualities and responsibilities of both leaders and managers. What […]

Management &Marketing &Work | 06 Nov 2013

What do Seth Godin and Lady Gaga have in common?

I’ve been reading a lot lately. Mostly, books on marketing and management. As well as articles on the same subjects from a variety of different sources. I love learning and absorbing new ideas and concepts. But what I love even more is the fact that during reading I come across my own ideas that have […]