Marketing | 13 May 2016

Brand Values and Toilet Brushes


64% of customers cited shared values as the primary reason for a strong brand relationship. In the product categories with many choices and little differentiation, people look for something other than product attributes and price to base their decisions on.  And that’s when brand values and personalities come into play.

The reason a brand needs to establish a personality that transcends the tangible nature of its products or services is that consumers, especially those in the younger generations, want the companies they keep to share their beliefs and values, be it with regard to environment, social issues, or simply the way they treat their employees.

~ Allen P. Adamson in The Edge: 50 Tips from Brands that Lead

How do you pick between two shirts  of the same quality and price? How do you pick between two loaves of bread made with the same ingredients at the same price point? You look to company values to guide your choices. That is why some people boycott Chick-fil-A and Barilla Pasta, and others don’t set their foot in Abercrombie & Fitch stores. On the other hand, shared company values can make your customers life-long fans that will never look to any other brand to satisfy their needs in your product category. It works both ways, but the value barrier–once established–is almost impossible to overcome.

However, sometimes you are just looking for a toilet brush. You don’t care about relations, stories or magic. You only care whether or not it will get the job done.

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