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Poetry | 21 Mar 2016

World Poetry Day

I used to post poetry here from time to time, but stopped for some reason. Today is World Poetry Day, so it’s a good day to start doing it again. Poetry can be beautiful as well as useful. Here is a great example of that – If Thou Of Fortune Be Bereft by John Greenleaf […]

Musings | 07 Mar 2016

Political Discourse at a New Low

They say, “Fight fire with fire.” I think it’s a solid piece of advice applicable in many situations. Except when it comes to stupidity. You cannot fight stupidity with stupidity without descending even deeper into it. As 2016 presidential race is clearly showing. Marco Rubio had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Musings | 04 Mar 2016

A Problem Bigger Than Rent and Landlords

You can call it class warfare or use any other buzz words currently overused by the media to describe this situation, but the fact remains: In a typical month, three in four people in Milwaukee’s eviction court were black, and three in four of those were women. One female renter in seventeen from the city’s […]