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Personal | 28 Sep 2014

Which Myers-Briggs Personality Type Are You?

Sometimes it is important to take an inventory of who you are, so when somebody asks you in a job interview “Tell me about yourself” you have a solid answer. Why people are not satisfied with “I am truly fantastic and an honor to work with!” as an answer is beyond me! According to Myers-Briggs […]

Personal | 21 Sep 2014

On Madame Bovary and Dangers of Being Content

Someone told me that this book is a good reminder to be content with what you have. Madame Bovary was not happy with a simple family life and love of a country doctor, and in pursuit of luxury and passion ruined not only her own life, but also the lives of her husband and daughter. […]

Personal | 02 Sep 2014


I still can’t believe the summer is over. So I am looking at some poppies to cheer me up. Here are some summer colors to warm you up! Another sure way to cheer yourself up is to add some poppies to your wardrobe… Poppy Flower Infinity Scarf | Turquoise Poppy Flower Fabric Pin | Poppy […]

Free Download | 01 Sep 2014

Free Wallpaper: Feeling Blue

With the first breath of fall in the air, you might feel blue that the summer is gone. Here is some wallpapers for your desktop to match the mood. Most of them are from Vlad Studio. Does this seem fishy? Just a little bit. Want to travel while blue? Try this typographic map of the […]