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Uncategorized | 28 Apr 2014

To Do and To Eat in PDX

Portland is a great city. I am sure it’s true because everyone keeps telling us that. However, we haven’t gotten a chance to discover it fully for ourselves just yet. We have all of it ahead of us. It’s so exciting! Discovering all the things we like to do, places we like to visit, food […]

Maps | 25 Apr 2014

Beer as Seen Through Maps

Yes, I am still educating myself on the subject of beer. Something tells me there is a lot of research ahead of me. I still have tons of questions that can be answered only by drinking gallons of beer. However, maps below answer some (but not all) of the important beer questions. How much beer […]

Uncategorized | 18 Apr 2014

To Beer Or Not To Beer?

Since we live in a land of beer now and I don’t know anything about it, I am trying to educate myself. The best part of this education, of course, is drinking lots and lots of beer while absorbing all the information. Below are some infographics to with useful beer information. Become a beer expert. […]

Creative | 16 Apr 2014

It’s Time to Decorate Your Easter Eggs!

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, Easter egg tradition is a perfect way to express your creativity. Below is a collection of eggs from all over the Internet done with a variety of techniques. Pick a project that is most suitable for you or let it inspire you to create something of your own.  Dye […]

Creative &Free Download &Uncategorized | 01 Apr 2014

Free Wallpaper: For This Is Wisdom

Everyone needs some advice every now and again. Not overbearing and volunteered-without-asking advice, but kind and actually helpfulo advice. So here are some desktop options to help your desktop encourage and support you every day for the next month. If you agree that you should go big or go home, this one is for you: […]