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Personal | 17 Sep 2013

Today in History

Today is not just special, it’s special squared in our family! Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the whole wide world! Words cannot describe how much I love him and how much I owe him for everything he has ever done for me. I am happy to finally live within “driving” distance of him […]

Marketing &Work | 12 Sep 2013

A Handy Checklist

Things have been busy around here lately, and I’ve been sending a lot of projects to the printer (the guy with a 4-color press, not the electronic device that jams every 5 minutes Office Space style). I found the list below helpful since I like to double-check everything. Of course, you don’t really need this […]

Marketing &Work | 10 Sep 2013

Mobile Marketing

Aubree Ritter contacted me recently and suggested the infographic below as a logical follow-up to the History of Marketing post. Some facts from infographic that caught my attention: First mobile phone that both sends and receives texts was introduced in 1993. In 2011, mobile marketing became a $14 billion+ industry By 2015, 81% of U.S. […]