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Work | 27 Aug 2013

Inspiration Must Find You Working

From time to time, everyone needs a little inspiration. Even in the staying inspired department. Now you know what to do!

Creative &Free Download | 02 Aug 2013

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

Did you know that the first Sunday in August is Friendship Day? I’ve know my best friend Anna for over 17 years. According to well-known expression (see the title of this post), I am smart, beautiful and funny. Can’t get any better than this! Here is a PNG version of the card – add your […]

Creative &Free Download | 01 Aug 2013

Free Wallpaper: Be Free

The August wallpaper was inspired by the following poem written by Wendell Berry. This poem is tucked above my desk at the office. When I am about to lose my mind from all the work-related craziness, I look up from my computer screen, read it and sit still for a moment. This is my recipe […]