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Uncategorized | 02 Mar 2012

Will You Love Me?

by ~lareinedenuit Will you love me, please? When I’m bored, when I cry, when I tease? Will you love me when I’m reading and don’t talk, Or when I’m too tired to go on a walk? Will you love me when I don’t feel like kissing? When the last thing I want is to touch? Will you love me […]

Uncategorized | 02 Mar 2012

Facebook: Timeline for Pages

All Facebook business pages will go to Timeline on March 30 (if you haven’t already done it). You can complain about Facebook implementing the changes you didn’t ask for or figure out how those changes can actually benefit you and your business. Below are some ideas. New Facebook Brand Pages Guide: Everything You Need to […]

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Facebook: Oldie, But Goodie

As of February 2012, Facebook has more than 845 million active users. Some are predicting that it is going to deflate just like MySpace did. However, it would be stupid to ignore Facebook as a major driving force in social media revolution. People are on Facebook, and our business should be too. If you are […]