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Uncategorized | 26 Feb 2012

“Listen to the MUSTN’TS” by Shel Silverstein

Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child, Listen to the DON’TS. Listen to the SHOULDN’TS, The IMPOSSIBLES, the WONT’S. Listen to the NEVER HAVES, Then listen close to me. Anything can happen, child, ANYTHING can be.

Uncategorized | 24 Feb 2012

Etiquette: Flowers

Everyone should read this before giving flowers as a gift. Unless you want to embarrass yourself with a stupid flower choice. Source: Frugal Dad

Uncategorized | 24 Feb 2012

Marketing in Pictures: The History of Marketing

This is so cool. HubSpot created this infographic – a crash course in history of marketing. Source: HubSpot Blog

Uncategorized | 23 Feb 2012

Marketing in Pictures: CS and SM

Graphic representation of the previous post. Learn from Dell, Morton’s, Unisys, KLM, and ABC how to rock customer service through social media. Source: The Social Media Marketing Blog

Uncategorized | 23 Feb 2012

CS and SM

Social media platforms give customers an easy way to reach companies and brands. Companies should take a full advantage of that and encourage customer feedback. Below are some tips on how to do it in a most effective way. How Social Media Has Changed Customer Service via Social Media Examiner 10 Ways to Deal With […]

Uncategorized | 21 Feb 2012

Six Basic Rules of Business Cards

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Uncategorized | 21 Feb 2012

Since Men Prefer Google+

Since men prefer Google+, below are some helpful resources on this up-and-comer. 6 Google+ Tips for Businesses via Social Media Examiner Social Media Insight from 6 Successful Brands on Google+ via Search Engine Watch The Ultimate Google+ SEO Guide via Blind Five Year Old I hope ladies can use this info as well.  

Uncategorized | 17 Feb 2012

Etiquette: Baby Showers

Strict etiquette holds that friends and family shower the mother-to-be only the first time around, because the gifts given generally provide the parents with the items they’ll need for children who  may follow. ~ Martha Stewart Living, June 2010.

Uncategorized | 17 Feb 2012

Men vs. Women

We already know that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. And now we are founding out that men prefer Google+ and women prefer Pinterest (via The Next Web). Do we have anything in common?

Uncategorized | 16 Feb 2012

Marketing in Pictures: The Evolution of Social Business

This infographic shows how technology, marketing and social developed simultaneously to acquire shared values. Source: MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog

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